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How can I find out if there are sex offenders in my area?

How Can I Find Out If There Are Sex Offenders In My Area

When an individual commits a lewd act involving a minor, their name and information, including their address, becomes a part of the public domain. Upon their release from prison or rehabilitation, the individual must file their information with a local government agency. Under Megan's Law, law enforcement authorities are required to make information regarding the location of a sex offender public. Although individual states decide what information is found in an offender search, a sex offender registry will list and locate all registered sex offenders within a designated area. The United States legislation has agreed that, to protect against lewd acts and properly inform citizens of a suspected threat, all information regarding sex offenders be made public. If you have just moved into a neighborhood and you have young children, the United States Government allows you to pinpoint the location of registered sex offenders within your area. Advancements in technology have enabled a sex offender registry to create online offender searches. Again, the laws governing the information concerning the registered sex offender will vary based on the sex offender registry. However, universally Megan's Law requires that all searches reveal the address, name, and act committed of the particular sex offender. To access a sex offender registry an individual can simply log on to the Internet and search their area plus the phrase "registered sex offenders". Numerous agencies and companies offer an offender search. Every sex offender registry is made accessible to the public through the Internet.

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